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  Is a Contemporary British Artist.

 The key idea of Ellis’s artistic vision is taking something small and making it big, which he pursues in his Constituent Matter & Zoom Exploited series. Ellis’s deep understanding of design principles, coupled with his commitment to the craft of painting and willingness to think big and risk-take produce artworks of immense ingenuity, dynamism and skill.

His mode of creating reveals painting as an intuitive process, where the canvas is a space for thought. Elvis combines wild, freeform painting with rigorous dedication to style, form and flow. Each mark is a seed for a greater composition. Each finished composition is a microcosm built by the will to make a mark and communicate through colour. 
Elvis focuses on a small segment - from his Constituent Matter canvases. It’s from this component he expands/explodes the colours and textures upon new subject matters such as Still Life, Landscapes and Nudes. The resultant effect is a movement of the medium of painting altogether beyond categories such as ‘pop’ and ‘abstract’, towards a celebration of the gesture of creating as such. For Ellis, painting is affirmation: affirmation of the possible as an ever-expandable thing.
In 2017 Elvis will keep enlarging his small painted compositions, upon larger surfaces. By taking this concept Worldwide. Embarking on a variety of backdrops to provoke its viewers to pursue their small ideas, into big realities. 

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